Flying Car Prototype Makes Successful Test Flight in Japan

Futuristic movies often feature flying cars, but the cars could become a reality shortly. A Japanese company named SkyDrive has been working to make our dreams come true.

SkyDrive recently gave a demonstration of its newest model, called the SD-03. The car lifted itself up from the ground for four minutes using its batteries and eight motors.

“This was special as only a handful of projects have succeeded with a person on board”, says Tomohiro Fukuzawa, SkyDrive’s chief executive.

The company is one of a few to accomplish a test drive with a pilot. Other companies attempting to make flying cars include Toyota, Airbus, and Uber.

SkyDrive flying cars run eight motors to ensure they work properly. Without backup motors, if a battery were to fail, a pilot and his vehicle could crash. A flying car accident could hurt not only the pilot, but those on the ground too. Experts believe the benefit of flying cars is that they can escape traffic and will save time.

In their recent test, the SD-03 was able to fly three to six feet off the ground. SkyDrive has ambitious goals for their future. The company hopes to be able to fly two passengers on trips of up to 3 miles by 2023 and that people will be able to fly anywhere in Tokyo in just 10 minutes by 2050. The head of SkyDrive plans on selling its flying cars for around $300,000 - $500,000. Flying cars will be a big turning point for people who travel by car.

[Sources: New York Times ; News For Kids; SkyDrive ]

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