Playing Video Games Can Have Surprising Benefits

Do you like video games? Did you know that people who play video games can be very creative thinkers? In fact, did you know that video games can have huge social benefits?

Playing video games can potentially improve reading skills. For example, even if someone doesn't like to read, they are more likely exposed to reading through text in games. Additionally, they are more likely to read about the games they are playing.

Along with improved reading, video games can also help with visual-spatial skills. This can be seen in Minecraft, a game where players learn to navigate, build, and survive in a 3D cubic world. In this game, players need to find spaces to build a safe shelter and they learn to travel across the world to seek different resources.

In addition, video games can help develop problem-solving skills. Every game has a challenge, some harder than others. Players improve in planning, organization, and flexible thinking from video games.

Video games can have a positive effect on imaginative play and creativity.

In Minecraft, players can set the game to a survival mode and try to complete the game by killing a dragon. Alternatively, players can use the fun creative mode to interact with animals, build infinite structures, and communicate with other characters.

Though video games sometimes get a bad reputation, video games also have great benefits. Next time you get the chance to play a game like Minecraft, try out their fun creative and survival modes!

[Source: 6 Benefits of Video Games for Kids ]