Supporting Classroom Teachers Is More Important than Ever

With the school year fast approaching, now is the time to offer support to frontline school staff and classroom teachers.

A 2018 survey by the U.S. Department of Education found 94 percent of classroom teachers spend their own money on classrooms supplies without reimbursement. On average, they spent about $480 per school year.

Local reporters at NBC15 News recently ran an excellent piece on this same topic.

Whether a parent, journalist, voter, former student, or a current student, we can all step up and offer support.

Parents can be a teacher’s most powerful ally. For instance, when a parent takes the time to call when their child might be late or sick it frees up valuable time for school staff. Any classroom teacher will tell you there are days when they never sit down or have time to eat lunch.

Anything parents can do to make a teacher’s day a little easier gives educators more time to help students succeed. Parents and teachers should be on the same side—ensuring students get the best possible education.

Students can also play a powerful part. When students work with teachers to support a productive school day, everyone succeeds.

Helping teachers, in turn, helps students. Students who take advantage of the resources available to them in elementary, middle and high school are making an investment in their education. Better grades, higher AP scores and more engagement in extracurricular activities can lead to success in the workforce, lower college costs and lead to more scholarship money after high school graduation.

We must continue to engage in dialogue about the stark racial disparities and achievement gaps faced by our community. But blame games don’t help anybody. We should never lose sight of what really counts: student achievement in reading, writing and math.

The more time teachers have to spend with students, the closer we get to closing gaps. Classroom teachers and frontline school staff deserve our support.

Thanks Simpson Street Press. Here's to a great school year! – Local Teacher , Dane County (2018-08-19 22:28)