Wisconsin's Year-Round Birds

Have you heard of some of Wisconsin’s year-round birds? Today, I’m going to talk about the American Robin, Mourning Dove, and Song Sparrow.

To start, the American Robin is Wisconsin’s state bird. These birds are gray and brown on their upper body and top and have orange bellies. They have darker brown or black heads with white spots to highlight their eyes. Their beaks are yellow and their tails are medium sized. The American Robin’s size can range from 7.9 to 11 inches long and have wingspans as big as 15.8 inches. When it comes to their diet, robins are very picky! They typically like chopped apples or mealworms. Throughout the year, Robins like to live in shrubs, snow, and even woodlands!

Next is the Mourning Dove. These birds have a more rounded shape. They are mainly gray with tan wings, but their belly and breasts have specks of white and tan. Their heads have a light white color. In addition, they have sharp short beaks. Doves measure around 9.1 to 13.4 inches long and have a wingspan of 17.7 inches. These birds have long tails.

Doves like to eat Sunflower seeds, Safflower seeds, and Thistle seeds. During the year, Mourning Doves typically don’t go into the woods. Instead they prefer the edges of the woods. They like to visit the fields and sometimes perch on the telephone wires. They will happily visit your feeder once they know the feeder is there.

Lastly, the Song Sparrow is another one of Wisconsin’s year round birds. This sparrow has brown streaks across its body with gray tipped wings. Its belly is a mix of gray and brown color. These birds can grow to be 4.7 to 6.7 inches long and have a wingspan up to 9.4 inches. The Song Sparrow likes to eat White Proso Millet, Sunflower seeds, and corn. During the year, these birds like to live in fields and places near water, such as marshes.

Overall, Wisconsin has a lot of interesting and beautiful birds. Next time you go outside, see if you can spot some of these year-round feathered friends!

[Sources: birdwatchingtips.com ; Wisconsin DNR ]

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This article has a lot of great information in it and is very well written, great job Ruben! – Sydney , West High School (2022-04-28 06:10)
Isn’t it amazing that somehow robins make it through our winters? They really must be tougher than I could ever be! – Jenna , Verona (2022-05-10 11:05)