How the Mississipians Left Their Mark in Wisconsin's History

Do you know the significance of both the city of Aztalan and the Mississippians in Wisconsin’s history?

Mississippians got their name because they built their villages near the Mississippi River. Their lifestyle was significantly different than the earlier settlers, who were called Woodland People. To put it in perspective, Woodland People lived in Wisconsin for more than 2400 years whereas the Mississippians came in the year 1000 AD. The Mississippians lived in Aztalan which was the largest city in Wisconsin at the time.

Aztalan was located on the west bank of the Crawfish River. People lived in Aztalan all year round so they had to be efficient with food and jobs during the winter. Mississippians hunted animals like deer and fish. They were also exceptional farmers and relied on crops such as corn and squash. Aztalan had many jobs for people such as farmers, hunters, potters, and builders among other livelihoods. Powerful leaders lived and hosted ceremonies in temples built by Mississippians. The people of Aztalan were also thought to be hiding or defending themselves from settlers since the area was surrounded by walls. Sadly, no one knows where they went or when they left Wisconsin. Only some Mississippian sites have been found in Wisconsin in recent times.

Some important tools that the Mississippians used for survival were made out of copper and were used after hunting to sew animal skins. Hunters also used rocks that were chiseled into points and used them as arrowheads. Clamshells could also be attached to bones or wooden handles, which became a gardening tool used to cultivate crops.

Aztalan played an important part in Wisconsin's history and brought new ideas and tactics to help improve the state as a whole.

[Source: The Mysterious Mississippian Tradition ]

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