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Is That a Leaf or a Gecko?

The leaf-tailed gecko is a fascinating reptile. It can only be found in the rainforests of Madagascar and can grow up to eight inches long. Since leaf-tailed geckos are extremely rare, their lifespan is still unknown to scientists.

The gecko’s body is small and flat which makes it easier for it to fit in tight spaces for protection. It also has a long and sticky tongue that helps it catch prey, such as insects, spiders, and other invertebrates. Since they do not have eyelids, these creatures also use their long tongue to help clean their eyes.

Each toe of the leaf tailed gecko has millions of tiny bristles that help it get a good grip on both big and small surfaces. Similarly, its strong and flat tail also has bristles, which these geckos often use as an extra foot to help with balance.

When escaping from its enemies in the treetops, these geckos sometimes dive from the branches and curl into a ball to protect themselves. After landing on the ground, they quickly unroll and scurry away from the scene.

Leaf-tailed geckos are close to being extinct, as every year the population of these geckos decreases from habitat loss due to deforestation, making the species of leaf-tailed geckos harder to find.

[Source: Snakes and Reptiles]

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