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Canada's Vast & Mysterious Isle

Between Greenland and Canada lies Baffin Island. It is a territory of Nunavut, in northern Canada. It’s 195,928 square miles, making it the largest island in Canada and the fifth largest island in the world.

The island is named after the British explorer, William Baffin. However, it has been said that Martin Frobisher had “discovered” the island while searching for the Northwest Passage in 1576.

Most scientists agree that this island could be “Helluland '' an island many Vikings visited around 1100 CE. In fact, there are theories that the Vikings were actually the first to "find" North America. Around 1500 B.C.E, the people of Dorset culture were living on the island. Archeologists found proof of this after excavations.

The population of Baffin Island is roughly 11,000 people. Many animals such as the arctic fox, caribou, polar bears, arctic hare, and walrus inhabit the island.

This vast and majestic island with its bountiful natural spaces and important indigenous cultures is a source of pride for Canada.

[Source: Destination Canada; National Geographic]

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