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Cruise Ship in Alaska Collides with Iceberg

Who would've thought history would repeat itself! Similar to the crash that sank the Titanic, an accident occurred in Alaska.

On June 25, 2022, an iceberg close to the Hubbard Glacier collided with a ship named Norwegian Sun in Alaska. Fortunately, all the passengers on the cruise ship survived.

Hubbard Glacier is a very popular attraction because of the icebergs it naturally produces, especially during the summer. Icebergs that fall off the Hubbard Glacier can be the size of 10-story buildings and make cracking noises when breaking off. It can take up to 400 years for an iceberg to crack off. The iceberg which was hit by the Norwegian Sun was a growler: a small piece of ice that is less than three feet above the water. Under the water, these seemingly small icebergs can be as large as an elephant. Growlers break off other icebergs and glaciers, often due to climate change.

After the Norwegian Sun collided with the iceberg, the U.S. Coast Guard told captains of the ship to return to Seattle for repairs. It traveled back slowly; all the passengers made it back safely.

The 2,000 passengers on the ship got a 100% refund and 50% credit toward any future trip on the cruise line. Customers can anticipate more scheduled trips and rebook their travel plans as soon as all safety measurements and repairs have been performed on the Norwegian Sun.

[Source: Associated Press; National Park Service]

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