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Search for the Origins of Life Takes Scientists to the Ocean Floor

There is an oil drilling ship that has been drilling near the Earth's mantle for decades in order to discover new information about how our planet has evolved. Scientists and engineers are excited about what they may discover. Many different scientists such as geologists and microbiologists plan to sail this ship in April from Portugal.

The oil drill ship is a machine that can dig deep into the Earth specifically below sea. It has helped scientists discover what is inside the Earth for many years. This machine helped dig a 6,750 foot hole 20 years ago in the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists discovered a 14,000 foot underwater mountain. The mountain could have evolved by tectonic plates spreading apart. This will push close to the mantle, and “plump deeper layers of ocean crust that have not been reached before.” If they succeed, they could be the first in history.

When proceeding with this project, it is reasonable to know that they may face many different problems, or could make mistakes. However, researchers plan to use this opportunity to take samples from the investigation, “where a special mix of rock and water could have spawned life on Earth and possibly other planets.” Scientists could use this discovery to find new information about the past, present, or future.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal; Texas A&M University]

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