A generous gift from a private landowner made 22 years ago is prompting new conservation action in Dane County. [read more...]
The USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)—the first ship in a new class of aircraft supercarriers in the US Navy—is a top-of-its-class ship with cutting-edge technology developed in the modern age. The carrier will advance American naval capability and is expected to be deployed later this year. But what makes this carrier different from the previous Nimitz-class carriers? [read more...]
Una generosa regalo de un terrateniente privado hecha hace 22 años está provocando nuevas acciones de conservación en el condado de Dane. [read more...]
Ten out of 22 school districts in Wisconsin have been commended for providing increased access and better performance in Advanced Placement programs. [read more...]
The fight against human trafficking and illegal fishing has gone on for many years. And it’s been getting harder to track these illegal activities. [read more...]
The Sierra Nevada Corp. recently completed a 20-million-dollar facility on the site of the former Badger Army Ammunition plant near Baraboo. SNC’s goal is to test rocket engines in hope of making it an all-state division. [read more...]
Being black in Wisconsin can be hard. African-Americans come across many challenges in life compared to other groups of people, who may or may not encounter the same type of events in the state. [read more...]
Draymond Green grew up in Michigan where he attended Saginaw High School. Born to Mary Babers, Wallace Davis and stepfather Raymond Green, he has five siblings. He now plays for the Golden State Warriors. [read more...]
The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism was chosen by Report for America (RFA) to host one of 50 journalists. Criminal justice issues in Wisconsin will be investigated by the Center's corps member. [read more...]
Native bee populations are declining. They are being threatened by urbanization and new farming techniques which can both poison the bees and harm their food source. Yet, there are ways that communities and individuals can help the bees. [read more...]
The Mellowhood Foundation’s Summer Initiative is a paid summer program in the southwest Madison Meadowood neighborhood that teaches a large age-range of children about independence and real-world responsibilities. The initiative draws on the knowledge students already have from school, while also teaching them skills such as independence and self-determination. Mellowhood student Amaria has learned valuable lessons through the program, such as “working hard, getting good grades, and failing from time to time.” [read more...]
On March 14, 2018, Stephen Hawking died from a disease which doctors thought would kill him 50 years earlier. He was a brilliant cosmologist who did groundbreaking work despite being wheelchair-bound and in later years, unable to speak. [read more...]
According to a recent press release, Clean Wisconsin, a nonprofit organization that advocates for clean air and water, and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau released a statement addressing the recent policy updates to Natural Resources 151 (chapter 151 in the Wisconsin State Legislature). These updates are aimed at protecting the drinking water in Northeast Wisconsin and were implemented by the Department of Natural Resources. [read more...]
A recent study confirms the speculations that the snows of Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania, Africa, may be gone by 2022. Lonnie Thompson, a glaciologist at Ohio State University in Columbus, says that the ice on Kilimanjaro is disappearing at a concerning rate. [read more...]
A five-year, $1 million grant will benefit many students studying science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) at colleges in the University of Wisconsin system. The grant is aimed at helping students who transfer from a two-year institution as they move into a four-year college within the UW system. The graduation rate of students who enroll at a four-year college as freshmen is five percent higher than that of students who begin in a two-year program and later transfer. [read more...]
Wisconsin is struggling with lead poisoning among children; however, children lead-poisoning cases are opening in Milwaukee. A troubling report reveals that Milwaukee's lead-poisoning prevention program has not been taking the most basic of steps to protect its youth. [read more...]
Jay Affeldt has been principal of Madison Memorial High School for four years and has been an important part of the school community since 1999. June 30th marked Affeldt's final day as principal. He is moving on to become the director of student mental, physical, and behavioral health. He will be part of the Student Services Department at the district's central office. [read more...]
Rabies is a fatal virus that claims the lives of 60,000 people every year. The group most afflicted by this terrible disease is children in Asia and Africa. Rabies usually enters the human body through a bite or broken skin and is commonly carried in the saliva of wild dogs. While most people contract rabies through dog bites, the virus can also be carried by bats, foxes, raccoons, and other wild animals. [read more...]
Over the years, many animal species have gone extinct: meaning there’s not a single one alive today. Will vaquitas be next? [read more...]
Alyssa Anderson, a 7th grade student at James C. Wright Middle School, was recently chosen from thousands of applicants as the Wisconsin winner of the ‘Doodle 4 Google’ contest. [read more...]
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently released rules about commercial use of drones. According to these new guidelines drones can now be used by journalists. [read more...]
Michelle Obama—public servant, mom, and First Lady of the United States— is a great role model to young boys and girls today. [read more...]
Wisconsin is ready to handle U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's upcoming pollution standards according to two environmental groups. In fact, Wisconsin has been doing so well that the state’s proposed carbon dioxide levels for 2030 are 30 percent below what they were in 2005. [read more...]
If a current study reported in the journal Science Transnational Medicine is confirmed to be plausible, bacteria may save lives instead of disrupt them. [read more...]
The 3,000 foot tall “Nose” is located on Yosemite National Park's granite massive structure, “El Capitan.” Many people had tried to climb it, but nobody succeeded until athlete Lynn Hill. Hill was the first climber to conquer the Nose. [read more...]
The Ebola outbreak caused quite a scare throughout the world in 2014. The Ebola virus is a serious illness that can be fatal, if untreated. The 2014 outbreak is the largest and most complex outbreak since the first, with a death toll larger than all the other outbreaks combined. According to many sources Ebola has an average mortality rate of 50 percent. The disease was first discovered in 1976, when there were two outbreaks at the same time in separate places. One of these outbreaks was near the Ebola River in the Congo in Africa, hence the name, “ebola.” [read more...]
Even before the renovation, when the Goodman Library was just another block in the strip mall, my family and I have gone there to do everything from participating in movie nights, to finding a quiet corner and reading. [read more...]
Since the start of the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1946, players have had to wait four years after graduating high school before they can be drafted to the NBA. However, in 1969, Spencer Haywood signed with the Sonics after being out of high school for only three years. This led to a legal battle with the NBA. The case was decided in 1971 when the U.S. Supreme Court voted 7-2 against the NBA's rule. Haywood was allowed to enter the NBA. [read more...]
The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) announced they will honor Madison chapter president Mark Pitsch with the 2014 Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Pro Member Award later this year. President since 2011, Pitsch has played a strong role in reactivating the Madison chapter. [read more...]
Bullies usually don’t pay for what they do, and often parents have no idea what’s happening. But now, the city of Monona has decided to hold parents accountable for their children’s actions. [read more...]