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Meet the Rare Asiatic Cheetah

There are currently only 30 Asiatic cheetahs left, a majestic cat species. These cheetahs are found in Iran, but their habitat used to span from the Middle East of Asia to Russia. Unfortunately, their population has significantly declined.

Compared to their African counterparts, Asiatic cheetahs are smaller, and have thicker coats, more powerful necks, and longer legs. These longer legs have led to theories that they might be faster, although no studies have confirmed this. They also have lighter fur, nearly white on their sides, a deviation from African cheetahs, and small black spots on their face that are irregularly scattered on their bodies.

The Asiatic cheetah primarily preys on herbivores such as rabbits, hares, wild sheep, goats, and gazelle.

Despite being critically endangered, there is hope for their survival. In 2020, three cheetah cubs were born in captivity, marking the first time Asiatic cheetahs gave birth in captivity. With their remarkable abilities, these cheetahs hold the potential for a brighter future.

[Source: CNN; BBC Wildlife Magazine]

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