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Wisconsin Wonders, The Great Egret's Migration Journey

One of the first things people notice about the Great Egret is its long neck, but there is more to know about it besides its heron-like features. The bird's body is mainly white with black legs. They have bright yellow bills with some green coloration extending from the bill to the eyes. They can also have bright yellow eyes with big black pupils.

Great Egrets eat a variety of foods. When they hunt, they will eat anything they can fit into their mouths to survive. This typically includes small mammals, frogs, small fish, and more.

The Great Egret is the largest egret species. They live on Mexico's coasts and in South and Central America all year round. In the spring, they make their way to northern regions – Wisconsin, Iowa, and other parts of the midwest – where they breed in shallow water, ponds, artificial lakes, and canals.

These fascinating birds can be found in calm, slow-moving, or standing waters. Their unique features make them exciting creatures to observe from afar and admire.

[Source: Badgerland Birding]

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