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Wolf Pack Dynamics: Leaders, Territories, and Survival

A male and a female alpha are the head of a wolf pack. They decide what to do for their packs’ survival. A pack is a group of wolves with six to 15 members who vary in age. The pack is blood related and they have offspring.

Wolves do not fight within their pack but they are very territorial. They mark their territory and if a member from another pack trespasses into their area, they will attack and kill them.

Alphas have a dominant and forceful personality. Other wolves in the pack are more submissive. Once the pack's leader is old, young adult wolves will move up the ranks and replace previous positions in the pack.

In some groups, wolves whom other wolves pick on are called omegas. They sometimes leave the pack as lone wolves, eventually attempting to start their pack once they find a mate.

The leaders of the wolf pack along with the alpha females, are the decision-makers of the pack and they make the necessary decisions to be able to survive. The coordination and communities that wolves have with one another allow for their continuous and extraordinary survival.

[Source: Wild Creatures]

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