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Apollo, The Greek God of Light, Healing, and Dance

In Greek myths, Apollo often appears with nicknames like" The Rouser of Armie" and" Far-Shooter" due to his popularity in the Greek world. Apollo is associated with light and healing. He has a twin sister who rules the moon, and he rules the sun.

Apollo was born of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, and Leto, the Titaness of modesty, childbirth, and motherhood. In some stories, Apollo was born with a golden sword. He is mainly sculpted naked as a beardless youth, and his personality is described as bright, joyful, and powerful as the sun. Apollo fathered many children, most famously Orpheus, who almost returned from the underworld with his father's gift of music, and Asclepius, who inherited his father's gift of healing and medicine.

Apollo'ss domain in archery led him to be involved in the Trojan War. In the war, he helped many Trojan heroes, including Hector, Aeneas, and Glaukos, with his divine intervention. He led the Trojan army with Zeus'’ shield, which radiated fear, and brought a plague to the Achaeans with his arrows. The attack Apollo led with the Trojans demolished the forts of the Greeks. He also made Paris'’ arrow fly to Achilles'’ heel, killing the near-invincible hero.

Apollo, while being joyful, had his fair share of troubles. His son Asclepius figured out how to bring the dead back to life. When Zeus discovers this, he is worried that this could upset the balance of life and death and kill him. When Apollo found this, he killed the Cyclops who made Zeus'’ bolts. Zeus made Apollo mortal and forced him to tend to the sheep of King Ademetus for a year. After that, Zeus agreed to make Asclepius the god of medicine as long as he did not revive the dead.

Apollo'ss most famous symbol was the lyre. He got his lyre when his mischievous one-day-old half-brother Hermes stole his cattle. When Apollo caught the child, Hermes made the lyre out of the shell of a mountain tortoise and stretched seven strings of goat gut. Hephaestus, the craftsman on Olympus, made Apollo's arrows. Apollo's darker side showed when he skinned the satyr Marsyas, who claimed his music was better than Apollo's and got killed when Apollo was declared the winner. In the mortal realm, Apollo took on many different forms, including Apollo Agyieus, who kept evil away from homes, and Apollo Propylaios, who protected cities. He had many sacred sites, including Delos, Rhodes, Ptoion, and Claros.

Apollo was liked by many because he represented so many positive human traits. Because of his huge impact, many still tell stories about Apollo to this day.

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