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Madison Schools and Libraries Host 2nd-annual ‘Batalla de los Libros’ Reading Competition

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Madison students in grades 4-8 recently met for a Spanish-language reading competition. The idea was to test student skills and knowledge in areas like studying, reading comprehension, and teamwork.

This event was the Madison Metropolitan School District’s second annual Batalla de los Libros. Teams of students from various elementary and middle schools in Madison gathered at Central Branch Public Library in downtown Madison. The event was sponsored by MMSD Department of Library Services.

Teams of students from four middle schools and nine elementary schools took part in the event. Parents were invited to attend.

According to a recent MMSD press release, the Batalla is a voluntary, student-driven, Spanish-language reading competition. To prepare for this event, participating students did a lot of reading. They worked with librarians at their schools to choose books and other texts from predetermined reading lists.

For participating students, a time commitment was necessary. Students could read at home or find time during the school day for quiet reading time. They read from lists of high-quality, librarian-selected books over the course of several months beginning in November. At the end of the program, the student teams competed to answer questions about the books.

The Madison school district intended Batalla to be “a fun and rewarding celebration of reading.” Books were chosen by librarians and the reading lists were organized by grade level. Each participating team included 3-4 students.

In this year's Batalla, the winning teams were from Nuestro Mundo for fourth grade, Shorewood Hills Elementary for fifth grade, and Hamilton Middle School for sixth through eighth grade.

Winning teams received medals, and the first-place team will go on to compete against other first-place teams in a regional competition.

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