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Oceania, A Diverse Region of Islands and Cultures

There is a region in the Pacific Ocean that is full of islands named Oceania. This area is located between Asia and America, and its definition can vary. Some islands are excluded, such as the Ryukyu, Kuril, and Aleutian islands, as well as the Japan archipelago. Some countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines, were also eliminated because their cultures are more related to those on the Asian continent. Oceania has more than 10,000 islands, including Papua New Guinea and New Zealand – Australia is not one of them.

The size of Oceania is approximately 317,700 square miles. Oceania was divided into four parts: Australasia (Australia and New Zealand), Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Around 33,000 years ago, humans did not live in the region, except on the Australian continent. Scientists theorize that many people in this region originate from Southeast Asia. At the beginning of the 21st century, there were already more than 12 million people in all of Oceania, not counting Australia.

It is surprising how a continent can be made up of only islands. There is still much left to discover about this region called Oceania.

[Source: Britannica]

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