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This Wild Cat Is Part of Africa’s History

There is a species of wild cat that lives in Africa called the serval. The serval is a type of cat with extremely long legs.

The serval is a medium-sized cat. The cat has a small head, large ears, and a golden-yellow coat that is spotted and striped with a short black-tipped tail. This big cat species lives in many regions of Africa across different countries. In ancient Egypt, people would keep them as pets. In Kenya, farmers will use serval cats to keep animals or rodents out of the field and barn.

Serves mostly hunt rodents. They are not picky eaters, like some other types of wild cats. Unlike other wild cats, Servals are not scavengers and scientists believe this is due to their successful hunting skills.

These creatures rely on their fur coat as camouflage as they stalk prey and avoid predators. Cats like cheetahs have spots, and tigers have stripes. Servals have both. While some wild cats don’t thrive in water, serval wild cats are very comfortable in water. They can even hunt up to 30 frogs in a few hours while hunting in bodies of water.

The serval wild cat is a unique species compared to other cats seen in the animal kingdom. Their advanced hunting skills and stealthy appearance allow for their successful survival across many regions in Africa.

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