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LED-Embedded Bandages: A Bright Future for Wound Care

There is a big difference between normal bandages and future LED-embedded bandages. Modern bandages are currently being developed at the University Of Southampton in England. These bandages can stop microbes from reproducing and can also kill the microbes.

These bandages are ingrained with scaled-down LED bulbs emitting UVC wavelengths, usually used for cleaning medical equipment. The UV light replaces the antibiotics often used to kill germs.

The bandage needs a battery to power the lights being emitted, so the thought of wireless powering was seen as the most practical. With wireless, will minimize the harmful chemicals coming from thrown-away batteries.

There are a lot of benefits to this UV-based bandage, it acts like an alternative to the antibiotics given to individuals. More than 2.8 million people start developing infections that are resistant to antibiotics every year, the electronic bandage may be able to solve this problem.

Another benefit to this bandage is a removable coil inside of it that emits light. The removable coil makes the bandage easy to clean. When a new, clean bandage is needed, the coil inside is removed and replaced with a new one. The bandage kills the germs by flashing over the wound's surface with UV light.

The bandage wireless range is not that far and improvements are still being made. With continuous advancements in technology, this electronic bandage could dramatically improve the science of wound care.

[Source: News Science Explores]

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