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The Connection Between Animals and Ancient Egyptian Gods

Did you know many Ancient Egyptian gods had animal heads? For example, Sobek had a crocodile head, Ra Harakitti had a bird head, and Anubis was a jackal.

Ancient Egyptians had a way of thinking about religion that was rooted in their experiences with nature. This meant that their gods took and incorporated natural experiences into religion. Their gods took the form of animals such as cats, crocodiles, and bulls. Among the lower gods were Maat, the goddess of justice represented with a feather on her head, and Khum, the god who modeled a man on his potter's wheel represented with a ram’s head.

Ancient Egyptians associated natural phenomena with particular gods. The gods represented the forces of nature and helped facilitate everyday activities; these gods created the destiny of the society.

Ancient Egyptians lived in a valley that was established from the south to north by the Nile River which was full of critters. The Egyptians used natural observations to form a view of the world.

[Source: Art and Archaeology of The Land Of The Pharaohs]

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