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Journey Along the Grand Canal's Historic Waters

The beauty of Venice comes from its buildings and water. The buildings date back to ancient times and are still used today. Additionally, many sculptures provide context about Venice and its rich history.

Venice is located in Italy. It was built on many islands and with millions of wood piles, a creative construction style.

Venice is fairly wealthy. The city was a great commercial empire built on maritime trade. Historically, it earned its money from trading while also benefiting from tourism.

One of the biggest attractions of Venice is its Grand Canal, which spans across the city. At one end of the Grand Canal is the church of Santa Maria Della Salute. It was created by Longhena and was finished in 1687. It was built to remember an outbreak of a plague that affected the city and how they lived. They also have many expensive buildings like the Fondaco Dei Turchi, built before the 13th century and restored shortly after.

The city is also known for its Grand Canal rides. They are very popular, with lights, clear waters, and tropical stores. The gondola is a unique type of boat designed to travel in shallow waters and act as taxis on the canals of Venice. Its unique asymmetrical design allows it to be steered by one person standing in the back with an oar.

Venice is a beautiful city in Italy. The places you must visit are Piazza San Marco and the four bridges that are very popular and historical. The Grand Canal is a significant part to visit when touring the city. It is considered the most beautiful “street” in the world, leading to the Piazza San Marco. Due to rising sea levels and climate change, Venice is sinking and will likely be below sea level in 50 years. Today, some preserved buildings were once open to the public but are no longer accessible due to sinking issues. If you plan to visit Europe in the future, Venice is definitely a spot you should check out!

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