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Helena Rubinstein Built a Multimillion-Dollar Beauty Empire

Have you ever wondered how the makeup and cosmetic industry started? Are you curious to know who built a multimillion-dollar beauty industry? Helena Rubinstein was one of the first women to achieve this feat.

Helena Rubinstein was born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1870. She founded a global cosmetics empire, which began her journey of becoming one of the wealthiest women in the world. She used her wealth to create a product that would become one of the most successful on the planet. The foundation, a face cream, helped women's health. The brand was named after her and still exists to this day.

Helena always found business opportunities, especially when she visited some relatives in Australia. She discovered that women's skin was damaged and drier in hot weather. She combined her cream with a family formula that improved women's skin, leading her to be even more successful.

There was no other beauty industry at that time. That meant women had to make their beauty products. Helena became a pioneer, creating a wide range of products unavailable for women prior, like powder and foundation. These products, combined with business knowledge, creativity, inventiveness, and ambition, allowed Helena to dominate the beauty industry.

Helena died on April 1, 1956, while she had about 100 million dollars! She gave back by making houses for people in different states and countries. Her innovation and willingness to use her wealth to improve the lives of those around her made a grand impact.

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