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Princess Peach Returns in a New Solo Game

It’s been nearly two decades since Princess Peach got a new game, and now Nintendo just announced that she would be getting a second game called “Princess Peach Showtime”. This game was released on March 22, 2024.

The game is only playable on the Nintendo Switch, which left fans needing clarification as Nintendo is coming out with a new console. However, fans anticipate that Nintendo will slowly shift from the Nintendo Switch to the newer console in the next few years. Nintendo has yet to release or announce information regarding the new console, but they will officially make their statements later in 2024. While most didn’t expect Peach to have a new game this year, many are excited to play the game and learn more about the new console later this year.

In the upcoming game, Princess Peach has a few character roles to play. During her levels, she has to beat her enemies and tackle various obstacles. “Super Princess Peach” was the first game of her own. Not many fans enjoyed the first game, but good memories were made, and there are high hopes for the new game.


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