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The Android vs. iPhone Divide Among Teens and Young Adults

There is a heated debate, primarily between teenagers and young adults, regarding the choice of mobile phones. In these debates, Androids are, more often than not, put down despite being the most commonly used worldwide.

Kira, a 15-year-old, reveals that she owns an iPhone because it's the popular choice among her friends, and she doesn't want to feel left out. Kira's experience with peer pressure to own an iPhone is not unique. According to Melissa Jones, a former teacher from Indiana, it's not just the type of phone that matters to students; it's also how "up-to-date" the phone is perceived to be.

Peer pressure to keep up with the newest phone trends is not only noticed in school but also on online platforms such as TikTok. Content creators participate in these debates, suggesting in videos that individuals still using Androids in 2023 are outdated. When presented with arguments such as the better battery and camera in Androids, content creators, like Abdoul Chamberlain, refused to change to an Android. Others have shared their experiences of being teased by peers for using Androids in high school through videos.

TikTok and similar social platforms have exacerbated the hierarchy among smartphones. The constant belittlement of Android devices is unfairly associated with being "broke," older people, and outdated technology.

Despite the negativity surrounding Android users, some continue to choose them. For instance, Kira's stepbrother, 16-year-old Justice, opted for a Motorola instead of an iPhone, despite Kira's concerns about potential bullying. Justice expressed that he doesn't mind the attention he receives and that these debates influenced his decision. He's not alone in this; Jones' son maintains strong friendships despite having an Android while all his friends own iPhones.

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