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Learn all About Sea Otters, Nature's Aquatic Acrobats

Sea otters live in the water, specifically on the coast of the Northern and Eastern Pacific Ocean up until they reach three months of age.

Sea otters are excellent swimmers with fur that helps them stay underwater for hours before resurfacing. Their fur is thick, fluffy, and waterproof. Sea otters also clean themselves in the water. They communicate using sounds like growls, whistles, and coos.

Sea otters hold their breath when they go underwater, which is where they find food for themselves. Sea otters eat small sea creatures like crabs, sea snails, abalone, and sea urchins. They also use their stomachs as tables to eat.

Sea otters can only have one baby at a time. When they're sleeping, mother otters tangle their babies in kelp to prevent the baby from drifting away. Baby otters lay on their parents' bellies until they are three months old and then they’re able to dive into the water.

Sea otters are cute and interesting animals. There is still more to learn about these adorable creatures and their skills.

[Source: First Big Book of Animals]

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