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Exploring the Global Phenomenon of Soccer

Soccer is played all over the world, but depending on where you are, this game might have different names like football or futbol.

The soccer field is in the shape of a big rectangle and teams of 11 players compete with one another. To win, players must kick the ball into the opponent’s net and score a goal.

Players can headbutt the ball or control it with their chest or feet, however, they are not allowed to touch it with their hands. The only exception goes to the goalie, who usually stays in the goal box. There are various formations soccer coaches may use to best set up their players to optimize their skills.

The World Cup happens every four years and is one of the most popular soccer tournaments. Since 1930, many countries have played against each other to see who’s the best in the world!

I like to play soccer and I am pretty good at it. I learned from my dad and enjoy watching games with him as well. Our favorite team is the national Mexican soccer team! My favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. Many consider him one of the best players ever!

If you ever get a chance to watch a game, definitely try out soccer!

[Source: Britannica]

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