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Virgil Van Dijk Shines as Liverpool's Star Defensive Player

Virgil Van Dijk has shown that he is a world class defender and can compete at the highest levels in competitive soccer. He proved that by joining Liverpool in 2018 to play at a higher level after playing on smaller teams, such as Willem 11, FC Groningen, and Celtic.

The Dutch player helped Liverpool lift every major league trophy to date. He is a constant, imposing presence at the back line, while still helping up front with approximately five goals every Premier League season.

In the 2019-2020 season he won the UEFA Super Cup and a FIFA League World Cup which no one has done before. He also helped clinch a European Cup. In the 2018 season he only missed 35 minutes throughout the entire season, which is one of the lowest in the league. He was an outstanding player at the heart of the success of Liverpool, especially when the team made a comeback and beat Real Madrid securing the Champions League in 2019, after losing the year before.

The Dutchman’s impeccable form throughout Liverpool's campaigns won him a Premier Player of the Season award in 2019. He proved his consistency at being able to play at the top form by beating Real Madrid, which was considered one of the best teams in the pre-season. In the opening weeks of the 2020 through 2021 campaign he sustained a serious knee injury against Everton. He ended up requiring surgery and rehabilitation that required his absence for the rest of the season. This was his longest absence from playing at Liverpool.

Van Dijk’s outstanding performances earned him many awards and second place at the Ballon d'Or of 2022, one of the most prestigious awards in the game of soccer. An even bigger honor was being appointed as Liverpool's captain. Van Dijk has cemented himself in soccer history and continues to be one of the greats on the field.

[Source: Liverpool FC]

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