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The Unique American (Pine) Marten Calls Wisconsin Home

The Pine Marten can be found in multiple places including Wisconsin. They are creatures with beautiful fur and are talented climbers and fishers.

Wisconsin Pine Martens typically consume mice and animals like squirrels, rabbits, and small birds. They are also considered omnivores that eat wild fruits, berries, and nuts. Although Pine Martens can climb very well, the majority of their hunting stays on the ground.

Piners can be found in Canada, Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, and the Rocky Mountains. With their thick coat to keep them warm, they can easily hunt in the winter and prefer to live in cold and snowy places. Their warm fur also makes them resemble a bushed-tailed cat.

Despite their beauty, Pine Martens are endangered and have been on the endangered species list since 1972. A main factor that has impacted their survival is the loss of their homes due to deforestation. Additionally, hunting Pine Martens for their valuable fur has been a practice for various decades, leading to declines in their population. Moving forward, it is important to preserve the habitats of these creatures and find ways to prolong their survival.

[Source: Wausau Daily Herald; Wisconsin DNR]

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