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Simpson Street marks 30 years of academic achievement with new publishing platforms and new STEM content. Our brand of high-quality academics, delivered during out-of-school time, sparks student learning. Researchers call pandemic learning loss an extended summer slide. News reports from Associated Press and The New York Times show low-income students, students of color, and ELL kids are hit hardest. Simpson Street programs deliver high-impact OST for over 250 students (grades 2-12). Our approach to instruction is backed by research and data. We monitor student progress in reading/language arts, social studies, and math.

In our newsroom system, experienced students guide younger peers. We extend the learning day and make key opportunities available for more kids. We use Science of Reading principles, “7-Traits of a Writer” and plenty of peer-to-peer editing. Every newspaper assignment includes multiple doses of close reading and revision. Student editors and skilled volunteers help us deliver substantial one-on-one time. Our staff is bilingual and includes credentialed reading specialists.

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