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Leopards Are Large and Powerful "Supercats"

Leopards are a type of cat that live mainly in Africa, but they can also be found in China, Malaysia, and even Korea. There are more leopards in the wild than any other wild cat—that is why they are called supercats!

Leopards prefer to hunt at night, sitting in tree branches and waiting for their prey to come close. They are patient and let their prey get near in order to successfully attack. Leopards are pretty strong and can even lift prey as big as themselves.

Leopards enjoy eating animals of all sizes, from dung beetles, frogs, and birds, to monkeys and antelopes. Hyenas compete for similar foods, but leopards are selfish and do not like to lose their food to competitors. In order to keep their food safe they hide it in trees, which is known as caching. Some leopards are known as panthers. This name is only given to leopards that are born with black fur instead of their normal brown fur. Although leopards are the most common wild cat, they are quick and quiet so you may never know if one is following you!

[Source: 100 things you should know about wildcats]

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