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Chichen Itza Blends Maya and Toltec Civilization

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In the tenth century AD, the Maya civilization lived in Chichen Itza. Located in Mexico, it was an important site to the Mayans and later to the Toltec warriors.

The Toltec warriors took over Chichen Itza from the Mayan people and made it a better version of their capital, Tula. The temple of the warriors contained countless carved objects like pieces of art, including jaguar and eagle motifs to represent the Toltec warriors. The Toltec warriors were a very strong civilization that conquered Teotihuacan. They ruled over Mexico from the mid-10th to mid-12th century AD

El Castillo is known as a pyramid temple dedicated to the ruler god Kukulcan. It is depicted as a feathered serpent deity and is carved along the staircase of the temple. Due to its detailed architecture, shadows of the staircase outline the serpent descending from the temple. The Mayans ' years cycle was also a very important part of their culture and they included it in the temple as well.

Chichen Itza has the finest ballcourt in Mesoamerica with two parallel walls that are 83 meters long and 8.2 meters high, which are 27 meters apart. The ball court suggests that the contestant fought to death and when the last player won, they were rewarded with spectators’ clothes.

Chichen Itza was an amazing civilization with rich culture, traditions, and architecture.

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