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Itsukushima's "Floating" Shrine and Its Forbidden Practices

The island of Miyajima is a holy site in Japan so no one can be born here or die.

The island has a Itsukushima shrine, which was built in 1875. The Itsukushima shrine is 53 feet tall and is composed of red and black wood. It sits on a small bay on the island of Miyajima. The Itsukushima shrine is settled high above the water, making it appear as if it were floating.

The shrine honors three Shinto goddesses who were daughters of the storm god Susano. They were all part of the Japanese religion. These gods and goddesses were honored in the shrine and its temple. In the temple, there were halls where people could worship.

Due to its sacred nature, dogs and pets are not allowed on the island. Additionally, deceased bodies must be carried to the mainland and buried there instead. The holy island of Miyajima is an exciting site; visitors can learn a great deal about the island’s history and shrine.

[Source: 100 Great Wonders Of The World]

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