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The Cold and Arid Landscape of the Patagonia Desert

Patagonia is located between Chile and Argentina and measures more than one million square kilometers. The Patagonian Desert is part of the region and is one of the biggest deserts in the world.

The Patagonian Desert’s temperature is fairly cold. It barely exceeds 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average temperature is only 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The desert experiences four months of winter and five months of summer. With the desert's temperature being so cold, one may think that there would be snow, but due to its dry climate all year around, it is very rare to see snow or rain.

Rain shadows are the primary reason precipitation is rare. Rain shadows occur when mountains or hills prevail over a desert to the point that they take most of the water, resulting in deserts being dry. Nearby Andes Mountain and the South Pacific influence the desert's temperatures.

The Patagonian Desert is home to several animals, including mountain lions, South American pumas, guanacos, weasels, Andalgala water frogs, Argentine toads, Gray four-eyed frogs, and King tree iguanas.

The Patagonian Desert is a beautiful place with various animals and dramatic landscapes that people and animals can enjoy.

[Source: Science Alert; BBC News]

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