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King Tutankhamen’s Reign and His Unfinished Tomb

Tutankhamen ruled Egypt from 1333 - 1323 B.C. He became king when he was only nine years old. Tut’s father, Akhenaten, had tried to change the religious beliefs of the land. He wanted the Egyptians to worship only Aten, the god of the sun. However, the priests, elites, and common people did not approve of this change. Despite this, the people had to follow the orders and submit to these beliefs.

After Tut's father passed, Tut took the throne and repaired old temples and paid for new statues of gods. He even changed his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun after taking the throne.

Tut’s rule over Egypt did not last long. He died around the age of 19. Experts are uncertain about the cause of Tut’s death, but some speculate that it could have been due to a chariot crash, a mosquito bite, a bone illness, or some combination of these factors. After Tut’s death, the throne went to his advisor, Ay.

Some experts think that Tut was in the process of building a large tomb for himself, but since Tut died so young the workers didn’t have time to finish it. Tut’s burial was rushed. Spots of mold on the paint inside of Tut’s tomb show that the workers didn’t let the paint fully dry before sealing the tomb. It is believed that the pharaohs wanted people to forget about Akhenaten & anyone connected to him.

[Source: National Geographics Kids]

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