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Blue Jays Are Nature’s Colorful Songbirds

Blue Jays are interesting animals with a variety of skills. They are beautifully colored birds, with blue and white on their stomach and chest.

Blue Jays are intelligent and adaptable. They are also among the loudest birds and can make various musical sounds. They can feed on almost anything and are classified as omnivores. Their diet consists of seeds, nuts, and insects.

Blue Jays build their nests with a bulky open cup made of twigs, grass, weeds, bark strips, moss, and sometimes held together with mud. Regarding nesting, both parents are involved in bringing food to the young. Young ones leave the nest 17-21 days after hatching.

Blue Jays are friendly and protective animals. Although blue jays are quiet and inconspicuous around the nest, they will attack with loud calls if a predator threatens the nest. Interestingly, blue jays can imitate the screaming sound of a Red-shouldered hawk.

Blue jays are interesting to learn; their bright colors make them easy to spot and observe.

[Source: Audubon]

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