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Hop into the World of Kangaroos

Kangaroos are the tallest marsupials on the planet. When they stand up, they can measure over two meters tall and they weigh around 90 kilograms. Kangaroos have two small front legs and two powerful back legs. Additionally, they also have a very strong tail, which helps them balance when jumping.

Kangaroos can live up to 23 years and inhabit deserts and grasslands in Eastern Australia. They live in groups of around 50, which are called troops. When they feel threatened, they stomp their back legs on the ground to warn others in their troop.

Kangaroos are very strong creatures. When they fight they will punch, kick, and even bite. Most males will fight with other male kangaroos to win over a female mate.

The most well-known trait of kangaroos comes from the females that have a unique pouch in their belly. It is a fold in their skin where they hold their babies. Baby kangaroos are called joeys. Newborn joeys stay in their mother’s pouches for around four months before they learn to independently feed on grasslands. At the age of ten months, joeys are officially mature enough to leave the pouch and search for their food.

From the strong nature of male kangaroos to the unique features of female kangaroos, these creatures are some of the most beautiful and interesting animals you can find on this planet!

[Source: National Geographic]

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