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Learn About the Early Life of Koalas, From Jelly Bean to Joey

Picture a jelly bean; now, picture a koala in the shape of a jelly bean. That’s how big koalas are when they are born. Koalas are a type of marsupial, which are animals that are born in a pouch.

When a baby koala is born, it is called a joey. The joey is very petite, weighing one gram and only spanning two centimeters in length. The koala is hairless, blind, and has no ears, but it will eventually grow ears once it grows older.

The joey only drinks its mother’s milk for the next six to seven months. During this time, the joey stays in the mother’s pouch. At only 22 weeks old, the young koala peeks out of the mother’s pouch. Although it may seem dangerous for the joey to peek out, it will always stay in the mother’s pouch. A koala can develop by eating its mom’s microbe and protein-rich poop, which is called pap.

When the koala becomes an adult, life becomes difficult since they are forced to find their territory away from their mother, and they can not take care of them forever. This means they must find food instead of feeding off their mom. Koalas usually eat eucalyptus leaves, which have collected water. A female koala’s lifespan can vary depending on where they live. Often, koalas have around five to six joeys in their lifetime. The koala is one of the most exciting animals in the world!

[Source: Australian Koala Foundation]

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