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Dane County Plans Solar Project at Former Landfill in Verona

Dane County is looking for help developing a solar energy project located near a former landfill in Verona. The site is on land owned by the county.

Dane County plans to install a solar array in the landfill near a site that includes a nursing home, food pantry, and a food service facility.

During the 1990s, natural gas methane from the landfill was used to generate large amounts of electricity. But today, the methane is declining prompting officials to find a better way to repurpose the area.

“The site isn’t suitable for most activities but it has served us well,” Dane County Executive, Joe Parisi, said at a recent Earth Day press conference.

There are currently 17 county facilities that produce and use solar energy. Dane County Regional Airport and Cottage Grove produce the most solar energy out of the 17 facilities and use large solar fields. Dane County, in recent years, has received local and national accolades because of its solar energy policies. The most notable award for the county was from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

A similar project was announced in 2020 near Cottage Grove. The project was planned to be built on a 125-acre tract of land across from the Dane County landfill. Parisi stated that Dane County will continuously pursue and develop renewable energy, “Our Climate Action Plan sets a county-wide goal to meet one-third of its electricity use with solar power by 2030.”

Proponents say Solar Energy is a clean and renewable source of power that comes from the sun. Parisi would like to see more of it placed around different counties in Wisconsin.

As put by Parisi, “Dane County is proud to be a renewable energy leader in Wisconsin, taking bold steps to demonstrate that a climate resilient and carbon-free future is within our reach.”

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