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Concerns Rise as K-12 Test Scores Hit Record Lows

K-12 scores fell lower than ever in 2022 according to studies from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

The decline in test scores had many causes, but one of the main ones was parental ignorance. Many parents didn’t know how far their child had fallen behind and therefore couldn’t do anything to help. Parents also blamed schools for not informing them of their child’s shortcomings or learning gaps. Studies also found that students who spent more time learning online fell behind further.

COVID-19 left millions of students working and learning from home. When the schools switched to online learning, students who had access to quieter spaces, tutors, and computers were far more likely to excel. Meanwhile, students who lacked resources fell further behind. For these reasons, between 2019 and 2021 math scores dropped by the largest percentages in NAEP’s history.

Schools are also to blame for the dropping of test scores. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, said schools need to step up their efforts. Eric Gordon, chief executive for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District said to help students they reinforced after-school tutoring efforts and summer school. Meanwhile, in Nashville, parents have pushed schools to share clear information about their child’s progress.

Currently, there is no straightforward solution, and it should raise great concerns among parents, educators, employers, and of course the students themselves. It’s an issue that won’t go away by itself and it’s time for a change.

[Source: Associated Press News; National Public Radio]

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