Discovering the History and Geography of East Asia

A Region Filled With Natural
and Man-Made Wonders

by Samuel Garduño, age 8

Eastern Asia is a large part of the world that includes China, Japan, Mongolia, North and South Korea, and Taiwan. Much of these areas are covered by harsh terrain, including distant mountains, massive deserts, and parched grasslands. Eastern Asia also has many valleys, plains, and fast flowing rivers.

China is one large part of Eastern Asia. 80 percent of China’s 1.4 billion people live in the countryside and farm on the land. In Chinese cities, housing is hard to find, so people live in crowded conditions. With the world's largest population, Chinese citizens often struggle for food and education. [Read More]

The Venus Flytraps Eats Bugs for Breakfast

by Valeria Moreno Lopez, age 9

Have you heard of the famous meat-eating plant? It’s called the Venus flytrap.

Insects are attracted to the Venus flytrap for several reasons. The unique shape of its leaves appears inviting and safe. It also offers nectar. As soon as an insect nears the plant, its quick leaves spring to life. In no time at all, the helpless insect finds itself trapped as the two halves of the leaf close shut. After its prey is caught, the plant slowly closes its mouth and uses its sensory glands to test it. If the prey has protein, the trap fully closes and begins to break down its new food source. [Read More]

Americans Love Sugar,
But Do They Eat too Much?

by Irie Jackson, age 9

In America, sugar consumption has increased substantially since the 1970’s. The average American kid now eats more than 20 teaspoons of sugar per day. A recent study from the University of Utah indicates that high sugar intake not only has negative effects on health but also may be toxic.

To conduct this 58-week study, researches fed mice a diet containing 25% more sugar than their typical diets. The research team found that the mortality rate of these mice doubled. Furthermore, the male mice in the study became 26% less territorial and produced 25% fewer offspring compared to those not in the study. [Read More]

An Inescapable Phenomenon

Black Holes Display Invisible Strength

by Izamara Ramirez, age 9

Black holes are very dangerous. They use the force of gravity to suck particles away from stars. Many black holes are thought to exist in the middle of galaxies, where they may contain as much matter as millions of stars.

Even though black holes are invisible, they are so powerful that nothing can escape them. These incredible holes appear when a star explodes, expires, and fades. As the hole diminishes the star’s light and heat, it becomes small quickly. [Read More]