Book Talk

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper is a very deep and thought-provoking book about an 11-year-old girl named Melody who has Cerebral Palsy. Melody isn't able to walk, talk, or write. However, she has a photographic memory: her brain remembers everything she hears and sees. [read more...]
Poison by Bridget Zinn is an intriguing book. It is set in a fantasy world with castles, magic, no-good princes, and best friend princesses. [read more...]
In the book The Girl Who Writes and the Boy Who Likes Her by Sandra Corton, a boy must find a way to get a shy girl out of her shell. Emily has been traumatized by her father's death. Even after many years, she still considers his death her fault and therefore thinks that she doesn’t deserve any kindness or love. To escape her sad world, she turns to writing which helps her relax. Emily's life changes forever, however when her mom's childhood friend goes on vacation and leaves her son Zach at Emily's house for a week. [read more...]
A long time ago, before even newspapers existed, there lived a group of people called the Ancient Greeks. They shared news in the form of myths; which were often passed on through word-of-mouth. These myths represented a set of beliefs and are now collectively called Greek Mythology. One of my personal favorite Greet myths is “Lost At Sea”. [read more...]
Loki's Wolves, by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr, is the first in a five book series based on a Norse myth called “Ragnaroc.” In the myth, the Norse gods battle to stop the end of the world. But in this retelling of the story, the gods have already died off because of their foolishness, so it's up to their teenage descendants to save the world. [read more...]
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment, the first book of a nine part series by James Patterson, is truly amazing! Maximum Ride is about a girl named Max and her “Flock.” There is something special about those in the flock – they can fly! The Flock has been experimented on since birth, at a place known as “The School.” People called “White Coats” changed the Flock's DNA; so, instead of being 100 percent human, they are only 98 percent human and two percent avian, or bird. [read more...]
Slam!, a realistic work of fiction by Walter Dean Myers, is set in present-day Harlem. Told from the perspective of a Harlem high school student, the tale details the experiences of “Slam” a teenager who loves basketball and has a close friend named Ice. [read more...]
I recently read The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. This book is about a resilient girl who overcomes many obstacles in Afghanistan. [read more...]
The Giver is a celebrated book by Lois Lowery. It melds dystopian fiction with action and drama to make a great combination. In fact, The Giver paved the way for the entire genre with help from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451; together, these texts started a movement for this once unrecognized and even unpopular part of science fiction writing. [read more...]
Even before the renovation, when the Goodman Library was just another block in the strip mall, my family and I have gone there to do everything from participating in movie nights, to finding a quiet corner and reading. [read more...]
Julie Ann Peter's heart-warming novel Luna, was named a 2014 National Book Award finalist. While the book did not win the award, it presents an interesting and important narrative. [read more...]
Ellen Kages' historical fiction novel, The Green Glass Sea, takes place on a secret military base during World War I and World War II. Dewey, the protagonist, is a unique and intelligent nine-year old girl. [read more...]
Ancient Rome was not only a place of power and wealth, but also home to a unique form of entertainment. In Gladiators Battling in the Arena, Katherine Frew introduces us to the history of gladiators and their importance in Roman entertainment. [read more...]