Lizards That Have the Ability to Run On Water

Did you know that basilisk lizard can run on water?

There are four species of basilisk lizards: Basiliscus basiliscus, B. vittatus, B. plumifrons, and B. galeritus. The male basilisk lizard can grow up to three feet in length and weigh 20 ounces. Females can grow up to two feet and weigh 10 ounces. Their diet is made up of insects and small animals such as worms, scorpions, birds, mice, and fish. They live in Central America and can live up to seven years or more.

The basilisk lizard has an interesting body. Its very sharp claws allow it to grip onto trees, move quickly, and not fall while it is asleep. The hind legs propel the lizard and help it run away from predators. The long tail keeps the lizard upright when it is running. The lizard has four legs and five toes that help when it’s on land and running on water.

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