Boa Constrictors Are Incredibly Strong Snakes

Did you know that a male boa constrictor named Popeye at the Philadelphia zoo died at age 40 in 1977?

The boa constrictor is a very strong reptile. Its uses powerful coils to squeezes the very last breath out of its prey. It also listens to the heartbeat of its victim and tightens its grip until the animal suffocates.

The boa constrictor’s diet mainly consists of mice, rats, lizards, and birds. They can weigh up to 33lb (15kg) in the wild, and up to 66lb (30kg) in captivity. Their lifespan is in the wild is unknown, but it can reach 40 years in captivity. Boa constrictors can grow to be as long as 12ft 6in (2-4m). Their eyes are small, but their pupils vertically open wide at night to get as much light as possible for hunting.

Boa constrictors are camouflaged from prey and predators. They use their bold bright marks to blend into the background of rainforests. In sandy environments, they use pale markings to camouflage itself.

Boa constrictors live in Central and South America, from Northwestern Mexico through the Amazon Basin to Northern Argentina. It lives in a variety of habitats ranging from rainforests to dry scrub. The boa constrictor can also be found in the Lesser Antilles (Leeward and Windward Islands) in the Caribbean.

Boa constrictors are dangerous reptiles and they are not to be messed with.

[Source: Snakes & Reptiles]