The Fastest Sprinter in the Animal Kingdom

Cheetahs are speedy animals and are known to be the fastest sprinters in the world. They are even faster than kangaroos, spur-winged geese, and gazelles. They can run at speeds up to 65 mph, earning the name “spotted wind,” but they run out of energy after sprinting for only 30 seconds.

Cheetahs can reach their top speed within two seconds. But since they run out of energy quickly, their prey has a chance to escape. Because of this, cheetahs like to hunt in open grasslands and deserts where they can easily spot their prey.

Female cheetahs live in a “home range,” only leaving if prey is hard to find. They will then move to another area. Mother cheetahs often have four to six cubs in a litter. They keep their cubs hidden to protect them from being killed by bigger animals such as lions and hyenas. When cubs are old enough, their mother leaves them to survive on their own. Some cubs hide in bushes to surprise their prey. They may stick together to defend themselves. Sadly, only one cub in twenty survives to adulthood.

Although cheetahs may be fast sprinters, they don't live very long. They become older and slower at the same time, making it harder for them to survive.

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