Ancient Mammoths Lead to Modern-Day Elephants

Did you know that there are different types of mammoths?

There were five different types of mammoths: the moeritherium, platybeldon, tetrolophodon, colombian, and the anancus. The moerithetherium lived 36 million years ago in Northern Africa. The platybelodon lived in Africa, Europe, and Asia, 9 million years ago. The tetralophodon lived in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America, and lived 8 million years ago, closely related to the modern-day elephant. The columbian lived in Southern North America. Lastly, the anancus lived in Europe and Asia, 2 million years ago.

The wooly mammoths had thick hairs to keep it warm. Their fur was waterproof and kept the mammoth dry.

The Columbian mammoth was the biggest mammoth and was very heavy, almost twice as heavy as elephants today. It also had big curved tusks. It lived in southern and northern America.

In modern-day, we have Asian and African elephants that are descendants of the extinct mammoths.

[Source: 100 Things You Should Know About Wooly Mammoths]