Of Gentoos and Chinstraps

Gentoos and Chinstraps are penguins that live near the Antarctic. They swim in freezing temperatures. Both kinds of penguins huddle together on ice floes.

Gentoos have bright orange bills and feet. Chinstraps have feathers on their heads that make them look like they are wearing helmets. Gentoos’ heads are white, Chinstraps’ heads are black. Did you know that Chinstraps can jump long distances?

Gentoos and Chinstraps begin a molting process once a year when they become adults. This means they cannot go back into the ocean until their new feathers come in or they will drown and die.

Gentoos and Chinstraps eat marine animals and fish. Gentoo’s group up when they lay their eggs in the fall. The chicks hatch about one month later.

Although penguins look cool and cute they can be aggressive.

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