Rhino Horns Are Not Bone

Did you know that the rhinoceros horn is not made of bone? People think it is but it’s not. It’ made of keratin which is the same material as your nails and hair.

Rhinos eat grass, but that’s not all. They also eat tree bark, roots, and bulbs. They get roots and bulbs from underground by using their big horn to dig them out. They also have a funny looking top lip. Their lips are flat and long and that helps them get a good sucking grip on their food almost like a lawn mower.

There are five different types of rhinos and they live in India, Indonesia, and Africa. Three types of rhinos are becoming endangered. They are the Javan, Sumatran, and Black because they are being over-hunted by humans for their horns. People think that consuming rhinos’ horns has magical healing powers

In conclusion, I hope rhinos don’t go extinct.

[Source: activewild.com]

I always wondered why rhinos' lips looked like that, Andrew. Great job! – LeilaMadison West High School (2020-03-20 11:39)
Thank you for letting me learn more about this animal. good work !!! – Desteny AlvarezMonona Grove High School (2020-03-20 11:59)
I didn't know there are five different types of rhinos! This is a really cool article! Keep up the good work Andrew! – CristianMadison West High School (2020-03-21 10:55)