Weasels Are Fearsome and Tough

Bucky Badger is known as an awesome, adorable, and loving creature, but is he really? The American badger, which represents our state pride, is actually a menacing creature, like its fearsome relative the wolverine. They are both members of the Mustelidae family.

The wolverine is very frightening. Its face is bearlike and has rows of long sharp teeth that are ready to crack bones and tear out skin, pelts, and flesh. It has toes that are protected by sharp claws. Similarly to skunks, they spray a smelly liquid that, surprisingly, can reach over three feet.

American badgers don’t look as ferocious as the wolverine, but they are still dangerous. They have soft fur protected by guard hairs, small ears, and a short furry tail, which is common for burrowing animals. These features make the badger look innocent and cute, but don’t be deceived. After looking at other parts of its body, you might change your opinion. Its claws are long, strong, and threatening. Its teeth are ready to crush its prey, which includes small mammals, reptiles, bugs, and carrion.

Surprisingly, the Mustelidae family is very diverse and can be found all over the world. The wolverine and the American badger are both related to other vicious creatures like the tayra, located in Central and South America, zorilla, which lives in Africa, and the fisher, which lives in the forests of Canada. Even the smaller animals, including stoats and weasels, are dangerous. Their differences aren’t just theirs sizes, but also their lifestyles. For example, sea otters live a fully aquatic life, but other members of the family only come near water either by being rained on, or to take a drink. What a diverse family!

Bucky Badger may technically be an ominous animal, but he is still our amazing mascot that we all love. Let’s just hope that he will always stay our favorite and friendly badger mascot.

[Source: The encyclopedia of animals]