How to Raise a Wolf Pup

Raising a wolf is not easy, but wolf supporters can learn about them through thinking about their own childhood. Wolves are unique in their birth and family upbringing, but they have some similarities with humans as well.

Both human and Wolf families protect their newborns. The Alpha mother builds a den underground for her future pups. When the mother is done building, she goes to the end of the den and gives birth in the spring. Afterward, she stays in the den to protect her pups from danger.

Human babies build their strength by playing and interacting with their siblings, just like wolves. When the pups are born, they’re blind and deaf. They only weigh one pound at birth, but each day they become stronger. In one month they are ready to enter the wide-open world. Wolves grow their strength by running, chasing, pouncing, and play-fighting with each other. This is how they develop their hunting skills, which will help them in the future.

Similarly, when human babies learn how to walk, their family looks after them so they don’t get into any danger. Wolves packs keep an eye on pups too. When wolf pups enter the wide-open world, they love exploring the area around their den. However, the older wolves will not let them leave the pack so they don’t get eaten. This is how the pack protects their young and develops strong connections.

Although wolf pups can be cute and fluffy, it is not a good idea to touch them. Other wolves in the pack might try to find their stray, and they might harm you. So if you want to raise a wolf, do your research because you’ll need it.

[Source: Wild Creatures]

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