Book Review: Fire in the Streets

Written by Kekla Magoon

Reviewed by Aubrianna Willard-Lee age, 14

The book Fire in the Streets is a work of historical fiction that explores the Black Panthers movement. The Black Panthers Party was a political organization that stood against structured racism in America during the sixties.

In the book Fire in the Streets , Maxie wants to prove to the Black Panthers that she isn’t too young to stand up for her beliefs. When she finds out that there might be an infiltrator among the Panthers she decides to find out who it is.

Life is hard for 14-year-old Maxie. She lives at home with her mom and older brother Raheem. Her mom is an unemployed alcoholic, who brings different men home at night. Her older brother Raheem, who is deeply connected with the Panthers himself, tries his best to support his little sister. But often he fails.

As Maxie moves through her struggles, she inches closer to finding the traitor. When she discovers who it is, the information changes her life forever. The reader travels through these captivating events with Maxie.

Fire in the Streets was a gripping read and I liked that there are true events throughout the story. In a way, Maxie reminds me of myself, struggling to find my way through the craziness of my life. I would recommend this book for middle schoolers and up because there are some ideas in the book that younger kids might not fully understand.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse into Maxie’s world, read the book for yourself and see how the events play out.

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