Book Review: Sold

Written by Patricia McCormick

Reviewed by Fabian Perez, age 15

In Patricia McCormick's novel Sold , a 13-year-old girl named Lakshmi experiences dramatic changes and adversity throughout her childhood. Living in a poor area of Nepal, her family struggles to put food on their table. Therefore, they decide to send Lakshmi to work as a maid in India in hopes that she can earn extra money.

Once Lakshmi begins to work at the “Happiness House,” however, she begins to lose hope. She soon discovers a horrible truth: she was sold to be a sex-slave, not a maid. Despite how horrid the situation is, Lakshmi refuses to give up. She makes friend at the Happiness House and hopes she can one day escape the terrifying place.

Reading this novel, I learned that I should never lose hope, no matter how difficult a situation may be. One can always maintain hope when times are tough.

One of my favorite scenes in Sold is when a strange man sends Lakshmi a strange card that says she will be rescued. Yet, as time passes and no one comes to rescue her, Lakshmi starts to despair. The novel becomes even more intriguing at this point, but I will not spoil the ending. You will have to read it for yourself to find out what happens!

McCormick's tone throughout the text is clear and honest. Because she makes the plot easy to understand, the reader is able to visualize the hardships Lakshmi faces while in India.

I recommend Sold to adults and mature readers, as younger readers may not be able to understand or cope with some of the novel's more challenging content. Sold is both interesting and poignant: it provides earnest examples of life in Nepal and India. Each page of the book leaves readers eager for more!

I read Sold last year, and I think you did a great job reviewing it. I totally agree with your comment about McCormick's tone, clear and honest is a great way to describe it! – Rebekah S. , McFarland HS (2014-11-02 12:14)